Friday, January 29, 2010


About the cotton candy clouds
and the butter yellow sun.
The envy green grass
and the storm black bird.
The forgetful tooth fairy.
The naughty garden gnomes.
The lands I wandered.
The worlds I roamed.
Long stories, tall tales
fantastic, absurd.
In you I forever confided
not once you heard.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Hush. be quiet
don't say a thing
not to the silently listening trees
not to the eavesdropping wind
the scarlet fish in the ink blue lake
are trying to listen in too
waiting in the placid waters
they are hoping they knew
our story, our secret
the spells our whispers cast
the specters of tomorrow
the silvery ghosts of our past
the blades of grass are leaning in
the leaves have stopped rustling
the moon is holding her breath i see
the fire flies no more bustling
they know not that they could wait
and wait till the end of time
why give words to thoughts
that are yours before they are mine