Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Warrior.

The mighty warrior sets forth
wearing a crown of quiet pride.
With a fire in his brave heart
a purpose in his stride.

The world seems to glow
the colours seem to surge.
The reds of the earth with
the emeralds of the sky
today seem to merge.

As the moment comes nearer
as the enemy draws close.
As the tip of his arrow glints
the trepidation in his heart grows.

The win seems impossible
the enemy seems stronger.
The world seems to reel
the distances seem longer.

He clenches his fist
closes his eyes
feels his bow
its strength by his side.

The quiet pride returns
as he draws his bow taut.
He charges ahead into history
The battle, the greatest he fought.

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Indrani said...

:) very well written