Friday, July 23, 2010


So what do I do with the angst?
Simmering just beneath the surface.
And what do I do with the anger
kept in check.
What do I do with the words held back?
Masticated and swallowed.
Rancid bile burning up my entrails.
And what do I do with the screams
the questions, the answers
the arguments, the defenses.
With the body of no vice,
the voice that's not allowed to rise.
Where do I drown the devil child
of my compliance?
Where do I bury it today?


Chandni said...

"masticated and swallowed"
Digestion never sounded so interesting Nive! I think I GOT this poem in its entirety. The credit should go the writer for that!

Man, I was remembering Chilbil the other day ha ha. Chilbil! Love our craziness of those days!

Ray said...

The exact words i was searching for... My train to goa got cancelled today and am pissed off that i have to spend yet another weekend in this overpopulated city.. :(

niv said...

Chandni: oh god chilbil! i want to go back to school man. it was so much fun :)

Ray: exact words u were searching for after a cancelled weekend trip?

Zaid said...

did u like just read my mind???
couldnt have put al this in any better wrds!!!!
u write beautifully!!!