Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Auburn Passenger

You see her on the train
with her auburn wig.
Neatly brushed and
carefully held in place
with a black cloth hairband.
And you see the eyebrows.
The painted twin arches
above her quiet eyes.
Giving a slightly bemused
expression to her
otherwise calm face.
You wonder what's wrong.
You wonder if her cells
are waging a cancerous
war against her.
Surely she has built
an army of her own
to fight those
impudent rebels?
But its artillery scars
the land of her body too.
The shells of medication
lay her to ruin.
The shrapnel of radiation
pierces through.
And as you stare unseeingly
at the book in your hand
you feel a little silly
to be worrying about crow's feet
and lost loves and to do lists.


Chandni said...

This, was brilliant. Simple and evocative. Nive, trust me, its so much better than the crap that gets published as poetry. Get a publisher :)

Nivedita Agashe said...

hey.. thanks a lot..

i wanted to keep it simple.. no frills..

glad it seems to work..

and believe me... i want nothing more than getting my name on a book shelf..haha

hopefully someday soon :)

Divya said...

u know what niv.... I'm done. my dictionary has run out of synonyms for 'awesome'. so i'm asking you.. to find a few appropriate words n get back to me n then i'll let u know whether they fit what i'm feeling... :) coz i sure as hell cant find any more..
n please do make sure they border on pride n woww n heckk all at the same time. ;)

I love this side of u bills. ;)

Diana D'Souza said...


Loved it :)

It's so true that we tend to worry about things when in the real world there is so much more pain ..

"I was cried about no shoes until I saw a boy with no feet"