Saturday, October 13, 2012

Knowing. Unknowing.

If all you had seen
was a sky
blotted with smoke.
With the canvas of blue
merely existing in pictures
on a few walls.
And in fables
construed in a few minds.
Would you know
how to clear up the smog
and bring light to a morning
that belonged not to you?
And would a fatherless child
be a better father to his son
because his childhood
was shortchanged
by the hand of God
or destiny or chance.
Would he know
what to give better
because it was the better
that he lacked?
Would he know
for instance
that a child 
needs to be pushed
into the first rain?
If  you had had bars
on your windows
and the rain
had never caressed
the dust off your face.
If you had merely wondered
from behind the closed shutters
how it would be
to feel the drops and rivulets
running down your sooty cheeks.
I wonder, would you know?
Is it easier to give happiness
when you haven't had it
because you know
what you have missed?
Or is it easier to give it
when you  know
what needs to be given
for it to be called happiness?


Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. Just the right way of handling a few sentiments.

As for the last question, you only realise the importance of happiness when you don't have it, or when you have it and you have the sense of appreciating its worth. In both the cases, you'll give happiness to people who mean the world to you. And you'll be happy as long as you don't expect anything in return :)

Nivedita Agashe said...

@shephali: well said... :)