Wednesday, March 13, 2013

No thank you.

No, no thank you. She said.
No disenchanting light of
conversation for me please.
I'd rather have today,
the brazen blinding brightness
of foolish laughter instead. 
Laughter, light and airy and
tinkling like the bottomless
glass of warm wine in my hand.
I crave indifference, she said.
And I crave company that
I couldn't care less for.
People who matter little to me
or to whom I matter little.
Yes, that's what I crave.
You should be glad, she said,
that I haven't chosen to speak
to you but that we've met today
only by the whim of chance.
For that means, perhaps, I think
of you as a friend after all.
Someone who would ask ,
how have you been?,
and in a moment ruin it all.
All semblance, all pretense.
No, no thank you. She said.
And so I did it, I left her alone
and walked away quietly,
wondering whether she was
being wise or utterly foolish.

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