Tuesday, April 09, 2013


They sat
in the old bar.
Cold bottles, 
with sodden labels 
quietly peeling away
like the daylight outside, 
sat waiting
in front of them.
They smiled and cheered.
The glass clinked,
the bulb blinked 
as the night slinked
upon them . 
They ate the peanuts.
Their hands reaching
out for them with just 
the right rhythm.
Just like their
conversation where
words never collided.
It came from familiarity.
This old leather bar booth
cold bottle salted peanut
new stories old jokes 
reruns of matches comfort.
They always met like this
when they did.
In the old bar.
Cold bottles 
with sodden labels, 
like turgid busy days, 
waiting in front of them.
They drank from them
something mellow,
something quiet.
That let him tell the other 
all that he kept bottled inside.
And let the other pour
tolerant happiness over his
insufferable company.


Marvin said...

"All that he kept bottled inside"

What if this company weren't something special and what he kept bottled inside just had to find its way out?

Nivedita Agashe said...

Well..it is...at least in my head

Here the first guy always drinks in the second guy's company because he knows that though he'll lose his inhibitions after drinking and say whatever is on his mind, it is okay to do so...he can trust his friend

While the second guy always drinks with the first guy just so that he can bear his company

Marvin said...

An asymmetrical relationship then? And an exhibition of pretense. I wonder if this is good for the first guy.

Nivedita Agashe said...

yep...asymmetrical is right...

the pretense sometimes comes from politeness

Kashyap said...

Really nice one, this. I've pretty much stopped drinking in bars because of the same rhythms of everything around, and of course, insufferable company.