Saturday, July 13, 2013

Chalked out

You test the water
and feel the thrill of
the biting, acid,
electric, primal cold
run up your leg
like a vine gorging
quickly, hungrily
on spring's fullness.
You back away
and bury
your restless feet
in warm, inert sand.
There, you are still again.
You wake yourself up
from dreams.
The ones that show you
exactly, precisely
what you want.
The nightmares of true
desire you dream.
And from them you
wake up in cold sweat,
choking on a scream.
You clench your fists.
Around time, life, fate,
people, coincidences
and consequences.
The stars form for you
constellations that you have
painstakingly dictated.
You have many fears
and very few
unanswered questions.
Don't you?
For not even to yourself
the reins you seem to give.
Just from one day to another
you reluctantly live.

1 comment:

virinder sabharwal said...

Totally amazed tht you too had this kind of trance... n very craftfuly yiu penned it down..