Thursday, November 28, 2013


They say, a strong mind
knows no yesterday.
It sees only tomorrow.
For bygones are bygones,
not the midwives of
weak, helpless sorrow.
It lives not survives,
they say, in the
secure knowledge
of its own strength.
No shadows on it
by cruel words are cast.
No scars remain,
no wounds last
And they say too,
that a strong mind
dwells not on
the follies, the losses,
the unfinished endings
of the forgettable past.
They say it moves forward.
Plays the part.
And they say a strong mind,
it turns around and calmly,
very calmly says - Be quiet
to the damned heart.


Divya said...

Damn right! Now where can I buy one of those?

Really nice piece bills.
The whole thing oozes strength. The kind of quiet strength that you get to see once in a blue moon. The kind that comes with experience. The kind that's here to stay.

Nivedita Agashe said...

haha...yeah...really wish you could just pick them off a store shelf

Thank you...glad you liked mind is not completely there yet but at least i seem to know where it should be headed...

which is a start :)