Saturday, December 21, 2013

The lone walker

He said
what he wanted most
was to see
what the world
looked like
as he stood on
the mountain high
against the howling wind.
He said he wanted all.
He wanted more.
But many a times
on his lonely climb
he found himself thinking
of the dust settling in
like an unwelcome tenant
and the gentle wind knocking
on his now locked door.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Shoppers

It was crowded.
And there were 
thermocol snowflakes
hanging from
the domed ceiling.
There were 
glass windows,
ice cream cups,
coffee smells, 
paper bags,
ringing bells,
polished floors 
and bright lights
like stars captured 
and shut away 
in chandelier prisons.
And there were people.
Some gloating exhibits.
Others gaping onlookers.
They were holding hands 
with their own mirror selves
and leading them on
through a magical mystical 
material mist.
And as they tried on
their self worth
in mood-lit trial rooms
they looked optimistic
and a manic gleam
shone in their eyes.
Like stars captured
and shut away
in ribbon tied
gift wrapped prisons.
More things could make
things better they felt.
I too turned over a tag
and thought to myself.
Oh look!
They are giving away
happiness at a discount.
And frankly,
at that moment,
it seemed affordable.