Tuesday, January 07, 2014


ऐसा  नहीं है कि
महसूस नहीं होता
अकेलापन कभी.
कुछ पल ऐसे भी
आते हैं जब घूमता
है वो इर्द-गिर्द
पहाड़ों से उठती
धुंद सा.
मानो यादों से बनी
रूह कोई  छू गयी हो
अपने सर्द हाथों से.
ऐसा नहीं है कि
महसूस नहीं होता
खालीपन कभी.
पर समेट लेती हूँ मैं
उसे अंजल-अंजल
भर-भर के.
मोम सा पिघलता है
हाथों कि गर्मी से
वो फिर.
किसी किनारे से उठाये
मखमली एक पत्थर,
एक कंकड़ सा.
जेबों में रख कर
घूमती हूँ उसे.
तकलीफ़ तो नहीं होती
पर एक एहसास
रेहता है ज़रूर.
बोझ सा कोई.
झील जब आती
है कोई रास्तों में
तब फ़ेंक देती हूँ उसे
उसकी गहराईओं में.
थोड़ी दूर तक
जाता है वो फिर.
पर फिर समा ही
जाता है, चला ही जाता है
नज़रों से दूर.


Abhay Shete said...

Why not Keep the stone? Why throw it away? The stone signifies some thing you picked up on the away to avoid being lonely.. Then why throw it away? May be one likes to be with self?
I am at the moment exploring the relationship of marriage and read your poem with that in mind..
Dr. Abhay Shete

Nivedita Agashe said...

The stone signifies suppressed loneliness.

The mist of loneliness surrounds the poet. she gathers it in her hands and it forms a small, smooth stone of compacted, suppressed loneliness.

it seizes to suffocate her or make her cold anymore as it did when it surrounded her in the form of a mist.yet she cannot be completely rid of it.

so she takes it with her. it doesn't trouble her much now but she can still feel its weight, its burden.

so when she comes across a lake, signifying a person or situation or circumstance that has the ability to absorb that loneliness, she throws the stone in.

it skips across the surface causing a few uncomfortable ripples, not yet willing to let go, but it disappears eventually.

jahanvi gupta said...

It's like
No matter what you do, no matter what you say ,this thread of footsteps falling upon your eardrums slendered to the sillhoutte that's being carried by a beast or a phantom, treading behind you almost appaling you like "Laugh for the moment, but I'm going hunting for something even worse, that'd take it all away from you and am soon going to come up with positive results".
It's not something that can be avoided by just easily tossing into a waterbody.. No matter how deep similar kind of stones stay accumulated,
This is something that has to be uprooted
So that It doesn't show up anytime anywhere in the ugliest of all faces of expectations..

virinder sabharwal said...

galat fehmi hai aapki ki vo gum ho gya gehrayion mein kahin,
vo pathar,
vo vahin hai jahan tha,
bus roshan ujale ki chamak se vo dikhta hai nahin,

kis himmat ki baat karte hain aap,
jo samet sakti hai sab kuch is kadar,
ya jo faenk sakti hai us sameti sachai ko,
kisi aur ke dar par..

ho sake ton us pathar ko apne mann ke sagar mein phaenk dena,
thodi halchal zarur karega,
par waqt ke saath,
apka mann usse kabool zarur karega,
phir dekhna jo roshni hoti hai,
bina kahe sune,
isse har pathar darega, har andhera darega..