Thursday, February 13, 2014


It's a hunched over world.
The faces hidden as they
bend down to stare into screens
glowing fluorescent.
And a little cold.
Smiles flicker in the light
every once in a while.
But mostly, the world has assumed
a stoic expression now.
It can't be said
what anyone feels anymore.
Or is it that it can be said too plainly,
too easily?
Little yellow circles that say everything.
Smiles, laughs, shocks, tears.
Disappointments, well-dones and fears.
They are all there.
Swimming in the cesspool
of that fluorescent, radiating light.
We prefer these perfect icons
of our hopes and pretenses
and of all those things in our lives
that live on behind little masks
of oblivious indifference to our voices.
We don't trust our voices anymore.
Those terrible, betraying voices
that tremble and quiver and break and choke
and disappear altogether sometimes.
They let escape a sliver of hate,
a hint of love sometimes.
We can't have it. We can't let it happen.
Not in this hunched over world
of hidden faces.
So we speak in beeps and clicks
and ticks and tocks instead
Emoticons we call them, isn't it?
We use them unrestrained.
Click click click.
Beep beep.


Mayuri 'Meera' said...

Again... So eloquent!

virinder sabharwal said...

very aptly observed Miss poetess. The way you are able to draw the scene with words is really good. As now expressing my emotion :) . But I assure you, its real.

Anonymous said...

Its sad but true!
Well done :)