Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Nightmare

I saw you in my dream.
Holding an automatic.
You looked so young.
As if we had
gone back in time.
May be twenty,
twenty-five years?
You hair sat perfectly
on your pretty head
in a fashionable bob.
Slim and delicate,
the automatic looked
heavy in your hands.
The crowd milling around
seemed oblivious to you.
They didn't sense
the danger close at hand.
I felt afraid though.
Sitting there on the floor,
my bony legs stuck out
awkwardly under
a flower patterned frock.
I sensed it with a child's
sense of irrational fear.
Of the dark, of monsters
hiding under beds.
I looked up and saw
the faces of the people
walking around aimlessly.
But they were distant blurs.
Their shoes and feet and
the tap-tap of their steps
felt nearer than their identities.
I wasn't afraid for them.
I didn't care if they lived or died.
I was afraid for you though.
I cared if you killed or didn't.
And just as I started crying,
my face twisting into
a helpless portrait of misery,
you opened fired.
Bullets and blood.
Fire and flesh.
Shells and sinew.
Suddenly it was scarlet.
Sun blotted, vermilion dotted.
Prey spotted, lives clotted.
It went on like an endless rain.
And then suddenly it was over.
The noise of the gunfire stopped.
The ringing in my head went on.
You were exhausted, bent over,
hands on your knees
the automatic discarded for now,
soaking in the blood.
I just stood there.
A child amidst a massacre.
There were tears streaming down
my face still when I asked you
"Why did you do it?"
You were as quiet
as the gun had been loud.
You looked up then, sighed,
and with a blank face
and a calm voice said -
"You made me."
I woke up, twenty, may be
twenty-five years later
my face still wet with tears.
That night, I remember,
I slept with the lights on.
Till much after the break of dawn.


Mayuri 'Meera' said...

This gave me goosebumps...

Ujjwala Deo Agashe said...

Written so well , I felt myself a part of the scene.

lonewoulf said...

awesome im tingling all over !!!!!!!!!!

Anita said...

An excellent piece of poetry...bone chilling; as a reader I could visualise the whole scene. Well done.

gandhiji40 said...

Excellent imagery n fluid wordplay

virinder sabharwal said...