Sunday, March 16, 2014

Powder Blue

She was singing by
the open door of the train.
A raspy, husky voice
well within the boundaries
of melodies and tunes
flowed out of her
scarlet painted lips.
The shining silver hoops
in her ears were swinging
to the rhythm of the train.
The single bead on them,
like a single high note,
catching all the light.
The powder blue of the bead
matched the sky and also
her well cut dress.
The dress matched
the style of that worn by
that famous actress
in that blockbuster movie.
The bangles on her arms tinkled.
Arms, sinewy and strong.
Bangles, brittle and bright.
She caught me looking.
Perhaps she saw that
my stare bore no malice.
She flashed me a smile
and then continued to sing,
standing at the door of the train.
Standing somewhere between
the male and the female.
Between ridicule and sympathy.
Between strength and vulnerability.
Defiance and destiny.

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virinder sabharwal said...

good, i wonder what inspires you..