Friday, August 02, 2013

The Barefoot Monk

How do you get up every time?
However hard the fall.
How do you dust yourself off
and wince at your bruises
for not more than a moment?
You look onward, forward
and look back only with
a faint fondness or squinting eyes
of recollection that look
not for anything but learning.
You fall but don't fail.
You fail but don't falter.
You falter but don't forgo
the purpose you set out for.
You charge against the wind
as if someone is holding you
steadfast, solid, to the ground.
You head against the current
as if the horizon were a ship
sailing silently towards you.
You walk knowing that
the earth will stop quaking
and hold its breath still one day
while you tremble in the joy
of glorious, irrefutable victory.
In your eyes swim no questions
of doubt or answers of illusions.
There is a resilient belief there.
Sustained by your unrelenting faith.
Always, always ringing true.
That neither the beginning
nor the end of you is only you.