Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The dance

Curtains billowing
white lace lilies
fluttering silently
in the fragrant
night breeze
the candle flames
flitting, blushing
playing a torturous
game with the shadows
of the bare autumn trees
Shhh... Listen
listen to the music floating
on the air of the night
and the feet keeping time
a one, a two
a two, three, four,
tap and turn
silk skirts whirl
satin shoes twirl
as arms encircle
diamond rings glitter
the wine spills
red, oh so red
like the lips
slightly parted
holding in unsaid words
the music caresses my skin
as I dance alone
arms around a phantom
still air I hold
and no it's not lonely
not at all.


Chandni said...

I love people enjoying their solitude :) nice one nive.

niv said...

what's lonelier?

dancing alone by moonlight
the music flowing over you
the candle gently flickering
casting a lonely shadow
on the unadorned wall
of you dancing alone
arms around stale air
feet giving company
to none, no one

or together sleeping
facing away
staring at two different
dreamless blank worlds
plunging into
infinite darkenesses
of charcoal black trees
and their mutating shadows

being alone is not so bad. :)

Sahar Sehgaal said...
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divya said...

"you did it again niv... :)
i likes... i loves.

that feeling of being content with yourself is just something else..

no, being alone is not bad at all. :)"

Oh.. n ya niv..
u do know that i louve you, right...?? :))

btw, .. the senti n the mental... huh..? :D :P

niv said...

@sahar: are right (as always..hehe).. but true strength lies in being able to enjoy loneliness that you have not chosen for yourself...

@divya: love you right back... :)

and ya.. you are both..senti and mental..which is why you like my posts...hehe

Zaid said...

Loneliness is a bliss wen u wana sit back contemplate..take a break..
but the thought of being deserted frightens me!!! :(