Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The streets

A little unfinished,
frayed around the edges.
You are.
Soot for skin, dust for eyes
and nails that dig for
discarded treasure.
There is a hole in your heart.
Running deep.
And unhope.
Running through your veins.
You grab the world in chunks
and tear it apart.
Keeping the pieces under your pillow
to make dreams at night.
Whirring helicopters and flitting lanterns.
Songs on your lips.
Yellow roses and monkey shaped balloons.
Brothers on your hips.
You are the helpless future
disguised as a lonesome child.
Sleeping under the bridge of destiny.


Sahar Sehgaal said...
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Aishwarya said...

sorry to disrupt the mutual admiration, but I couldn't agree more...and with what both of you have to say to and about each other :)
both of you 've got a fan for you in me :)

niv said...

@ashi: haha.. and thank you so much :)

Sahar Sehgaal said...

haha. I feel silly getting on someone else's blog and thanking you Aishwarya, but i'll do it nonetheless. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Good one.....I loved this.Has much deeper meaning.....I feel. Diamond is a piece of coal which sustained the pressure.
Pressure in life has to be taken
in the lighter form.....sometimes even laugh it off. Destiny can be controlled.

niv said...

I don't know if you can laugh off things like hunger. but yeah life is not easy. but the difficulty comes in degrees. some just have it way too tough.

Anonymous said...

Laugh off day to day stress.
Hunger nobody can laugh off..We have to set our goals & mission. It may begin by taking responsibility for our own life.Once our roots are strong....no kind of storm topples us
After that we can handle the issues
which bother us ....for larger issues like hunger,poverty,lack of education
and medical help NGOs are available to support an indivisual who is genuinely interested to contribute in their efforts.I'm not mentioning Govt.as apathy , corruption ..so many issues then crop up.In India as a single indivisual Ratan Tata is agreat Philanthrphist....

Chandni said...

This one is beautiful Nive! So much stimulating imagery. Soot for skin and dust for eyes.

niv said...

@chandni: Thanks. These kids at the traffic signals haunt me. what do u do? hand each of them a 1, 2 or 5 rupee coin? and what good is that going to do? does it even buy them food? or does it buy some one cheap booze and cigarettes? It's a sad situation.

Pooja said...

Very very amazingly written..i could relate with it coz these thots really cross ur mind everytym you look at dem..n handing them ova a 1/2/5 rupee coin is surely not gona b their personal benefit but the larger beenfit of the rookie who has planted them there so according to me never give them money..take them to a samosa/vada pav vendor and make sure they eat to their heart's content...

-Pooja Shroff

Pooja said...
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niv said...

yeah you could. but then its not just food that they need. money is essential.

soumitra said...

brilliant stuff.. really love the way u write and more so because ppl dont write about such stuff nemore.
Even i am in two minds.I etiher endup giving 10-20 rupees or try and feign ignorance and pretend to not have seen it. However what really pisses me off is when people advice me against doing that in the pretext of the money being used to have alcohol.This taking of moral highground and that too from ppl in the ad world.

soumitra said...
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niv said...

@soumitra: Firstly thanks for all the compliments...hope i'll keep writing stuff that u like... :) looks like u are a fellow advertising cynic... haha.. well yeah.. i do pretty much the same thing.. but you never know the real story behind that kid.. its downright depressing at times...i think instead of this we shud actually stop bullshitting ourselves and do something.. i am no one to say this...considering i am spending all my time in a cushy office.. but one day i hope i'll get the courage to leave it for a different path.. till that day..it's just words...

soumitra said...

@nivedita the interesting thing about ur blog is your view of the world around .So most of what you write i will like :)And i am glad & relieved that there are still people esp in advertising that share this view. Even i am uneasy and it's something i keep asking myself... all our intellect/skill being ultimately used for selling more of inconsequential stuff and i dont have an answer to that.As far as alternate career is concerned,you are definitely better placed as a writer. I am a planner and i dont know how much of that will be useful in the social sector.

And most importantly please keep writing irrespective of what path you choose later :)

Anonymous said...

Really nice. How do u write so well?
Wich style is ur forte.. Free verses? Or lyrical?

Nivedita Agashe said...

@anonymous: haven't really given it a thought..