Tuesday, March 08, 2011


I can't write about me.
Can't put pen to paper and let
my dark blood flow like ink.
Or let my thoughts unfurl and
congeal on the blank sheet.
So I stub myself out along
with the blue-gray smoke
and write about you instead.
You seem to emerge from
those ashes slowly piling
high in the cheap white mug.
And you float like an apparition
in front of me. Revolving in the
light of the table lamp.
I make you run through meadows
or sob desperately in despair.
Or I let you make love in the bright pink
afternoons amidst dancing sun rays.
You are pale flesh with quiet
blue veins and raven hair.
You are slightly watery big eyes
and biting nervous lips.
You are the smell of fading perfume
and stale white wine drunk too fast.
You are an arching back, red
painted toes and freezing finger tips.
You are love, you are insanity.
You are art, you are profanity.
You are the face I often see
fleetingly in large crowds
Or sometimes in my crowded dreams.
And those are the times it seems,
I write, I write about us.


Divya said...

Agashe, i likes.
I like the way u paint pictures under my eyelids. :)

Anonymous said...

amazing... just love it :)

AnOnYmOuS FrIenD :)

Nivedita Agashe said...

@Divya: pictures on the eyelids... that would be like lying under a painted canopy. :)

Anonymous said...


Chandni said...

I love the feeling of finding poetry that resonates with my state of mind :) Thanks for this lovely poem.

Nivedita Agashe said...

@chandni: u r most welcome :)

Bhaskar Pitla said...


Just stumbled on to your blog....and it has been a good find.

I like the flow in this one..as if each line is a sinew, slowly building the layers of love and longing.

So keep writing..i see a spark here :)

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am really delighted to discove this. great job!

Anonymous said...


AnOnYmOuS FrIeND :)

Nivedita Agashe said...

@bhaskar: thanks. keep reading :)

Mariposa... said...

I came across your blog...and woohoo! you don't write...rather, you paint pictures! Awesome :) Read a couple of your poems and truly loved them!

- A happy reader :)

Nivedita Agashe said...

@Mariposa: Hey. Thanks a lot for all your comments. It's great to have someone like your writing. do keep visiting :)

Mariposa... said...

Yes, I can well understand the happiness which writers get if someone likes their writings :)

Sure, will keep visiting!