Friday, July 22, 2011


I'd write you an ocean
Gentle waves
watched over by the sky
I’d write you laughter
A song full of happy clichés
I’d write you one of those too.

I’d write you a fairy tale
With ice-cream rivers
And chocolate houses
I’d write of magic and granted wishes
Slain dragons, princes and midnight kisses
Yes, I would.
I would write of happy endings
And ever afters.

I’d write you a journey.
Winding through mountains
Covered with moss and flowers
Mist and snow
I’d write of Time
Waiting by the side of an unpaved road
Taking you along
Keeping you company.

You must believe
Don’t you?

That if I held the pen of fate,
I'd write you a life of glory.
I'd write you a different love.
I'd write you a different story.


Sahar Sehgaal said...

This is so so good. Thanks for sending the post to me.. thoroughly loved the end. The last three lines may possibly be the most touching thing you've written. actually, the saddest and yet most hopeful three lines you've written.
I hold you in awe for having written this before me. And I pray life uses its golden pen to write out your story.

ishita priyadarshini said...

words are failing me right now :)

Nivedita Agashe said...

@Ishita: The smile does it... :)

Psmith said...

that is gorgeous ! and brilliant.

Nivedita Agashe said...

@Psmith: Hey.. nice to see you here after an appropriate-to-miss-you long time.... thanks a lot for the comment.. this one is for mum :)

Vinay said...

Its so beautiful..........your pen of words writes fate too......with new love and new story.

Keep it up Nivedita,


rightergeorge said...

no words

Pooja S said...

Superb...just superb..just just i cant pick which lines i liked...the whole thing is outstanding...bravo girl :*

Madness all over! said...

Rarely have I read something so simple and yet so lucid. And seldom have I come across musings, so captivating, that I could nothing else but read on..
You write like you paint..dreamlike, of another world.

Nivedita Agashe said...

@Vinay/rightergeorge/Pooja/Madness all over: Thank you so much for liking the post.. You know the last line is the one that came to me it easier to work out a story if u know how it's going to end? :)

41 pairs of shoes said...

this is so so beautiful niv. so lovely. your words paint such a perfect picture, yet when they dry, the cracks tell a different story- this is your best...and only fitting that it's for your mum. my heart is still rushing and gushing!

41 pairs of shoes said...

errr...just realised that this id bears no name- so, well, so much for anonymity- anshumani :)

Nivedita Agashe said...

@41 pairs of shoes: Like i said the chappals did give you away :) Thanks a lot for all the wonderful things you have said about this post.. and more importantly.. do u really have 41 pairs of shoes? if yes, i'm suitably jealous.. hehe

Psmith said...

Ive come back here to read this poem again and again.

I love it.

Today there was a conversation about blogs and I recommended yours to a friend and was generally reminded of you.
we should catch up one of these days, its been a long time. :-)

Anonymous said...

This is brilliant niv.... !!!

Anonymous said...



cyrus daruwala said...

v.nice stuff

Nivedita Agashe said...

@cyrus: Thanks.. glad you liked it :)

"khush" happiness is precious said...

एक अक्षर को दूसरे अक्षर के साथ रगड़ो तो एक तारे का जन्म हो जाता है. एक अक्षर को दूसरे अक्षर के पास लाओ तो तुम बारिश की आवाज़ सुन सकते हो. एक अक्षर को दूसरे अक्षर के ऊपर रख दो तो तुम अपना नाम थोड़े से डंडों वाली एक सीढ़ी के रूप में बना पाओगे.
''आसमान को यदि तुम ठीक ठीक लिख दो..तो वो भी तुम्हारा निजी सामान हो जाता है...''

Those line just pop-up in mind after reading urs creation...Its true awosum...:)

Psmith said...

moving, and beautiful...

coming back to it after several years :)